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Office of Student Affairs

Based on our school motto “Ren Xin (having a heart withbenevolence), De Shu (employing professional skills based on one’s virtues), Bo Shi (carrying out the learned skills extensively without boundaries), Ji Zhong(relieving the pain of all people, rich or poor)“ together with the four prospects of Ministry of Education, the job of Student Affairs at Jen-Teh is to build up the developing campus culture, cultivate our students with good virtues and character, and advance our students to achieve the development as the “whole-person” with future success in career so as to train our students to love their native soil deeply and become excellent citizens with world view.

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There are seven divisions under the Office of Student Affairs, including Student Assistance DivisionStudent Extracurricular Activities DivisionStudent Counseling CenterService Learning DivisionSanitation and Health Care DivisionPhysical Education Division and Student Accommodation Center. Each division works with collective wisdom and concerted efforts as a team to build up a multi-cultural campus, designing a variety of activities and counseling programs, encouraging students to join activities related to five nurtures and Jen-Teh’s vuluntary service plans, strengthening the three-level precautions against mental and problematic behaviors, offering courses such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse(assault) prevention and gender equality, carrying out service learning by way of serving the communities, holding lectures concerning hygiene and health care regularly, providing sound measures to assist students’ studying stably, and thus creating a warm and high-quality learning environment for students on campus.

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